Let us breath

Phew, it has been a year i didnt write anything here. Kinda miss to be that girl who always share all the things that happened around her even maybe for you it is just a piece of shit. & from now on, that girl wont frequently share her thought like before bcs she is studying & that is what she is supposed to do now lol
There is a lot of things happened to me in one year back so I wont share each of  them bcs my fingers might be cramped or maybe im gonna lose them haha k not funny i know. All you have to know is Alhamdulillah i feel so great now & yeah of course i'm definitely happy with my life. 
Em what else that i wanna up to huh? Forgot already haih. Okayy actually there is nothing in this post haha i just too bored rn & nothing to do. (tomorrow i got test but still there is nothing to do, well well well) wish me luck. See you when i see you. Have a nice day!